Thursday, November 27, 2008

I know, I know....

...It's been ages since I last entered a post. But there has been acceptable reasons. The picture is worth a thousand words, and a thousand hours, and a thousand screws/nails. I've taken on a neverending project I was starting to worry if I went in over my head. Constantly I was second guessing myself. But now, I can take a step back and look at all the progress and be real happy with the decisions I've made. Not only will this house be economically correct, but financially correct. And taking on the responsibility of working on the house myself, I've saved a bunch of loot! I'll be saving even more cash when the heating bills come in. After all is said and done, the whole entire house will basically be new. I've put all new insulation in the walls, all new windows, 2 of the 3 exterior doors replaced (the 3rd will be replaced in the spring), all new drywall in 2 floors, new flooring, new 200amp wire service, all new bathroom, and all new kitchen. It already has a newer roof and siding. I'm definately ahead of the game in this project. So, if you had any questions as to where I've been on the blogging world, this is why. I have been knuckle deep in this project and I can not wait until this is done!!! More to follow...including one more picture!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Home Sweet Headache?

Well, I finally did it...plunged into financial suicide. I would have to say for about over a year now, I've been looking for a house to buy. I was never pressured since we are only renting right now so it was no big deal. Well, once we saw this house, and the location, my wife and I got excited. As you can see, the house is in great shape on the outside, and needs some updating on the inside. Certainly not bad for a "Vintage" house. The neighborhood is really quiet, and it's actually real close to my brothers house. It's almost everything we were looking for...with the exception of a garage, and a little acreage. But all in all, I feel it's a great starter house and a great investment. I've met with a contractor and we went over things that I wanted to get done. Getting a new bath, a new kitchen, and a completely new electrical service to include all new wires, switches, outlets, and so on. All for less than $100k! It really is a steal, and thankfully just inside our budget...just! Inside, it has plaster walls which I'll eventually tearing out and putting real good insulation in and putting up new dry wall. Hopefully sooner than later, but that will come with time. The house was one of the original houses in its area, I'm guessing over 100 years old but still in great shape. The great thing is, just about every house around it is worth well over $150k, so the value should definately be in the positive. Just hopefully everything goes as planned and we can afford things!! Wish me luck!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ice Skating or Bust!

Well, today was a very productive day. After getting home this morning from working 48 hours straight, I kicked off my boots and started making some home-made pancakes for the family. My daughter was begging me for them, while little she knew I had planned on doing that already this morning. I let her help out also and I must say, she did an awesome job mixing all the pancake goop together. Anyhow, we filled our belly's with our morning feast of delicious pancakes, and got ready to head out of the house. We went to "Blade Runners" down in Warrendale, PA to introduce our kids into ice skating. Once we got there, we strapped up our skates, and to my surprise, my daughter was walking around with absolutely no problems. This was her first moments on ice skates for God sakes! Well, we walk from the common area and head to the rink. Her first seconds on the ice were priceless! She (pardon the phrase) froze and wasn't sure of what to do. I held her hands and we started off. I tried to give her some pointers, but she was too interested about what was going on around her. After several back-breaking minutes of leaning over to help her out, she was starting to get the hang of it. After going about half the rinks' distance, I turned back towards my wife and son, which both looked like they needed some help. So, I swapped our kids out, and took my son for a long, painful 20 feet. I think he found enjoyment falling for some reason. I think it was to touch the ice, and start gathering some ice chunks to attempt to eat. I know, very odd child of mine but we pressed on and focused on skating away. For only being 2, I'd say he did real well. As for my daughter, I was very impressed with how quickly she picked up on it. She still was learning her balance, and stability, but towards the end she made it from the middle of the rink to the door (which was at an end of the ice) pretty much by herself. I only managed to sort of fall once...only cause I was showing off a little. =) Needless to say, I'll be looking forward to the next time we go! And especially now since I got my new skates sharpened!!!

Sticky ass South!

Well, even though it's been over 2 weeks since I've been back, I'm still happy as a pig in mud that I'm not in the far south anymore. The sad thing is, it was the beginning of April when we went down, and (for me) it was way too hot and humid for me. Thankfully, our reserves down there is overwith, and back up north in the nice and cool climate. Most people when they get back get to see their families and spend the day with them...not me, at least not this time. When I got back my family was off at a friends birthday party so I was coming back to an empty house except for my loyal dog. Well, enroute back to home, I decided to call my best friend to see what he was up to. He said, "Bring your new gun down my way, and we'll go shooting at the range!" So, without hesitation, I agreed. I got home, changed, and flew down to his place. I had been looking forward to getting to shot my gun since I bought it. I had next to no time to go out and shoot unfortunately. But I got down there and went through 150 rounds in about an hour or so. As for the review on my gun, I couldn't have been happier with my purchase...a great gun with a great feel. Only somewhat negative thing I have to say is it shoots a little low. I'm taking into account that all the springs are new and just needs to be broken in. To be quite honest, I could tell a huge difference from the first magazine I went through, to the last magazine I went through.

Also since being back, I've worked a lot of overtime at work. It seems for the past month, it's been non-stop and finally, finally starting to slow down. Well, enough BSing for now. More to come usual!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Change of Heart?

Yes, that's right. Upon further review, I've changed my mind. I still may get the Glock 32C, but for now, I think I'm going to get the Springfield Armory 1911 Mil-Spec. After going to the gun shop today, I probably handled about 20 different guns. Close runner ups were the Springfield XD-40 and a Sig Arm. But the classy 1911 stole my heart. Not only does it fit my budget, it has a double safety (which is nice since I have kids) and it just has that "perfect" feel. There are some guns you just hold and shoot, but then there are guns you hold, FEEL and shoot. I guess between the weight, ergonomics, and ease of operation...not to mention plenty of good reviews...I'm sold on this gun. Only negative I can see at this point is the cost of ammo. Not like I plan on going through several hundred rounds in a week or anything, so I should be ok. More then likely, I'll be able to get out once a year to shoot! Oh well. Anyhow, just thought I would update. The next one will probably be how it shoots!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Decisions, decisions

There comes a time when a man needs to make important decisions. What kind of car/truck do I want to buy; what should I eat tonight; which girl should I date this week; which beer should I buy; what gun should I get?? As you can guess from the picture, you can take a stab at what my big decision is currently (even though everything else mentioned doesn't really apply to me anyhow...I'm married for Christ sake, give me a break!!). Anyhow, I've been doing a lot of "shopping around" looking for the best bang for the pun intended. I think I've finally made my mind up after hours of research on the computer, and maybe conversations with friends and my brother. My brother pretty much sold me on the Glock. He swears by them. And after browsing around on the Glock website, I finally decided on the gun I want. Introducing the Glock 32C (the "C" stands for compensator). It seems to fit all my requirements (needs and wants) for purchasing a handgun. This will be my first handgun, and second ever gun. I've shot many kinds, just never really had a reason to buy one. Well, even though I really don't have a high demanding reason to still buy one, I felt it was just finally that time in my life that I wanted to purchase a handgun. The only flaw (personally) I find with this gun (Glocks in general) is how their safety is in the trigger assembly. This won't be a gun that I'll be keeping the magazine full, and in the gun...especially with kids around. Instead, this will be a keep it locked up with the ammo separate kinda gun! Now, down the road I intend to properly educate my children to fully understand any gun, mostly including that they have respect for guns. Never to be treated as a toy or mishandled in any way, shape or form. Getting back to the gun, it was a close call. The other handguns I was looking at was the Kimber PRO TLE/RL II, Sig Arms 220 (or the .357 SIG), or the Springfield Mil-Spec 1911. All were tempting, and I'm sure if I won the lottery, I would own them all...amongst many, many other weapons!! Reasons that I have decided Glock, is the durability of it, and how it can be dropped into sand, mud, water...whatever, and still shoot straight as an arrow. Also, from whatr I understand, a Glock was frozen solid in a block of ice, and then the ice was melted and it fired with no problem. My brother said it could fire any, ANY type of ammo. Crappy ammo, unjacketed ammo and all the way to top of the line ammo. Through thick and through still fires straight. And since I like to stress test everything I own, the decision was easier than I thought it would be!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

The price for getting older!

So recently, my kids wanted to throw me a birthday party. And for some odd reason, they decided to have a Yo Gabba Gabba themed party for me. Every once in a while, I'll watch this show with my kids. The show is so generic and cheesy, but my kids are facinated with it. My wife made me cupcakes that had all the characters faces on it, and put up streamers, and small pictures on the wall. I wasn't to look in the direction of our dining room, since they were preparing everything. Needless to say, I laughed like hell when I saw all the decorations. It was too funny. I bet all you guys wish you were as lucky as me! God help me!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

2012 US Endurance Event?

...or a trip of a lifetime. Well, actually both. My brother and I are planning a trip touring the corners of the USA and everything in between. It may even get it's own blog page, who knows. More to follow on that. Anyhow, we wouldn't be riding crotch rockets like pictured here, instead we would have enduro's...F650GS to be exact. Well, that's at least what he has currently and I currently don't own a motorcycle right now. I sold mine about a year or two ago, and been having the "itch" to get another one since I sold it. As far as the idea of the trip, it kinda was a joke at first. Even though I've always wanted to do something like this, I never imagined doing this kind of trip on a motorcycle. But after he suggested it, and after a few seconds thinking about it, the shenanigan was pure genius! After making several trips to AAA to get maps of the lower 48 contiguous states, we are in the beginning stages of mapping out our epic adventure. Of course, like I said before, none of this is going to be possible unless I get a motorcycle first. My primary requirement is that I get a house for the wife FIRST. I don't think this is far out of the question, but definately throws a curve ball into these plans. Now, depending on the house we decide to buy, may depend on what bike I get. I think worse case scenario, I'll get the same as my brothers (BMW F650GS) but a different color. I would be 100% happy with that decision as well, however, the model I was really hoping to get has been discontinued. (Why in God's earth would BMW discontinue the F650GS DAKAR EDITION!!!) So, instead I'm interested in getting the newly released F800GS. Unfortunately, it's about $4000 more than the 650. That decision will be a difficult one down the road. Anyhow, I would say our love for "2 wheeled" vehicles started when we were young. He was real big into road bikes, as I was big into mountain bikes. Of course, I'll give him credit for more than likely getting me interested with anything with 2 wheels...or I guess anything else for that matter. My brother has been a big inspiration in my life (I know, save the sappy or comical comments please!) mainly because he lives life one day at a time. It would probably be safe to say that one of our biggest inspirations for this trip is Long Way Round and Long Way Down. Both are amazing trips and my brother and I could only dream of an experience such as that. Instead, we will stick to our means of budget and complete a trip around the United States. Again, maybe I'll have to open a blog up just as a documentary of how it becomes planned and also a way to help organize this incredible journey.